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Allow me to Introduce Myself... [Sunday
July 30th, 2006 at 9:38am]
[ mood | calm ]

what? Reezy F. Baby has a livejournal again? yup yup best's believe it.
a friend kinda talked me into it ; but i also like to express whats on my mind and whats going on in my life.
and for the people i dont talk too, they always get a kick outta reading my stuff . 
so hmm.. might as well go for it aye?
oh yea.. this may become friends only? depending on how i feel.
i know im going to write about alot, shoot.. your name may even be in this?
and i know sum of you guys cant handle that sumtimes and go crazy lmao. so uhh this may just
become friends only?
like stephanie.. i wanna add people that dont really know me, so they can get to know
and state their opinion on whatever i may be writting about.. its interesting to hear what people
have to say abuot you.. especially the ones that arent there during your everyday life ya dig?

1. Actually read what im talking about, and state your opinion please
2. comment (and not every light year.. but not exactaly every post i make)
3. Enjoy yourself ; oh yea and get to know me! I'd love to meet you..

Hi, My names Renee` (with 2 e's) , lets do tha damn thanq.

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